Environment – Blue Matters

At Berge Bulk we continuously strive to reduce our ecological footprint – whether in the offices we work in, or in the way we grow and manage our fleet. We are proud to be building new eco-friendly vessels, to operate our vessels resource-efficiently, thus reducing our emissions to air and water, and implementing green passports for all our ships.

As a shipping company, we feel a special responsibility towards the ocean. Because we believe that true change starts with the people, we are running a “Blue Matters” environmental campaign that promotes energy-efficiency and responsibility towards the ocean and planet amongst our employees – every minute of every day, everywhere.

Our commitment to the environment and Blue Matters grass-root environmental campaign was awarded with the Lloyd’s List Asia Safer, Cleaner Seas Award in 2015.


Blue Matters Fuel Saving
Lloyd's List Award Asia - Safer Cleaner Seas Winner 2015