Fuel Saving

“Bunkers – Less-Is-More” Campaign

Our extensive “Less-Is-More” fuel saving programme exemplifies our on-going efforts and initiatives to keep both the ocean and air healthy and clean.

This in-house campaign promotes fuel efficiency across the fleet and thus, significantly reduces our emissions to the air. By running our vessels at their optimum fuel consumption parameters during a voyage, we can make up to 5% fuel savings – a tremendous impact when applied across the entire fleet.


“Bunkers – Less-Is-More” is just one of Berge Bulk’s “blue” initiatives, but it is deeply embedded in all business areas and activities, including:

  •   Smart voyage scheduling and routing.
  •   Guiding vessels on optimum speed consumption parameters.
  •   Improving hull shape, design, and equipment of newbuildings.
  •   Better fouling & propeller management.
  •   Retrofitting ships with energy-saving devices.
  •   Optimising engine performance through awareness and rigorous maintenance schemes.
  •   Reducing running hours of machinery.