Environmental Sustainability

Blue Matters

Berge Bulk understands that the preservation of our planet’s resources is fundamental to our sustainability and success. Environmental conservation plays a key role in our journey to becoming a world-leading shipping company, and our Blue Matters environmental sustainability strategy has become deeply embedded into the company’s culture.

Blue Matters is a declaration of our ongoing commitment to the planet. It influences the way that we approach environmental and operational procedures, and provides a unifying vision to guide the actions of all our stakeholders – employees, management, customers and suppliers.

In the latest edition of Blue Matters, Berge Bulk announces our move toward carbon neutrality by 2025. We are striving to achieve this by leading the way with our new energy-efficient vessels, and by supporting and investing in companies that are developing alternative fuels. We also have an ongoing campaign to reduce plastic waste, and have formed a partnership with WildAid, through the Marshall Foundation, to conserve sea turtles. Each step brings us closer to our goal and we are always looking to do more.


Blue Matters Fuel Saving
Lloyd's List Award Asia - Winner Excellence in Environmental Management Award 2019