Shipping operations generate approximately 3% of total global carbon emissions. Reducing greenhouse gases and other air pollutants is a critical part of Berge Bulk’s environmental stewardship strategy.

Berge Bulk leads the bulk carrier industry in reducing fuel emissions and carbon offsetting. We have made the ambitious commitment to offset 100% of our scope 1 by 2025 at the latest, and we are one of the first bulk carriers to do so. As an early member of the Getting to Zero Coalition, we are committed to developing commercially viable deep-sea zero-emission vessels to be in operation by 2030.

  • Our Ambitions…
  • Offset 100% of our scope 1 emissions by 2025 (at the latest).
  • Build and operate a zero emissions vessel by 2030.
  • Achieve zero scope 1 emissions fleetwide by 2050.
  • Achieved in 2022…
  • We are already offsetting a portion of our scope 1 emissions through voluntary carbon credits.
  • We are mapping the technology readiness levels for various energy efficiency improvements and piloting them on our vessels.
  • We are engaging with class societies and flag states for in-principle approvals on the deployment of new technologies on vessels.
  • We are engaging with shipyards, industry players, and charterers for scoping overall ship design feasibility studies.
  • By the end of 2022, we had reduced our carbon emissions intensity by 46% (vs 2008 baseline).

We lead the way in hull design, engine efficiency and fuel efficiency, having built some of the world’s most fuel-efficient bulk carriers. We understand that air emissions from the shipping industry negatively affect the environment and human health, and we fully support industry regulation that aims to reduce these effects.

Our Four Pillar Approach

Berge Bulk has mapped out a four-pillar plan for the decarbonisation of our fleet:

Pillar 1 Efficiency Icon

Pillar 1


Maintain a relentless focus on improving our efficiency

Pillar 2 Technology Icon

Pillar 2


Use new technology to further efficiency

Pillar 3 New Fuels Icon

Pillar 3

New Fuels

Convert to new fuels

Pillar 4 Carbon Capture Icon

Pillar 4

Carbon Capture

Invest in solutions to capture carbon through technology and nature

High-Tech Retrofits

Rigid Wing Sails

High-Tech Retrofits

Flettner Rotors