At Berge Bulk, we are committed to reducing our waste footprint, building a waste-conscious culture among our colleagues, and investing in organisations that create innovative, sustainable waste management solutions.

What Gets Measured Gets Managed

Berge Bulk has set individual waste reduction targets for each vessel in the fleet.

Vessels are given reduction targets based on their historical waste performance and benchmark waste data from comparable vessels. The targets are set in January of each year in consultation with Vessel Managers. Performance against target is tracked and reported monthly to measure progress.

As the organisation gets into the rhythm of examining our waste data on a regular basis, we have noticed a marked improvement in the focus that our vessels are giving to their waste reduction efforts.

How We Tackle Our Waste

Berge Bulk has mapped out activities and initiatives to raise awareness and change mindsets, both at sea and on shore. We have chosen to focus on two main types of waste:

“Don’t waste anything. Don’t waste electricity, don’t waste food, don’t waste power. Just treat the natural world as though it’s precious, which it is.”
Sir David Attenborough
Broadcaster, biologist, natural historian & author

Our Waste Projects

how we’re tackling waste head on

Cleaning Up Puerto Galera, Philippines

15 Officers clean up the Philippines with the Sea Adventure School

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Phasing Out Plastic Water Bottles

Using water purification units on board our ships

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Shore Team Beach Clean Ups

Berge Bulk shore teams volunteer with Seven Clean Seas

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Plastic Awareness Through Well@Sea Challenges

All our crews engaging in challenges set on our Well@Sea platform

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Upskilling Our Galley Crew

An online training package aimed at reducing food waste

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Great Taste, Less Waste Cookbook

The cookbook that encourages us all to love our leftovers

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