• Berge Olympus, the World's most powerful sailing cargo ship
  • Berge Olympus with four WindWings view from above
  • Berge olympus with four WindWings sailing in evening sunshine

Berge Olympus

Berge Bulk proudly welcomes Berge Olympus to its fleet of energy-efficient vessels, joining her sister ships Berge Zugspitze, Berge Grossglockner, Berge Toubkal, and Berge Mulhacen. Named after Mount Olympus, the highest peak in Greece, reaching 2,917 meters, Berge Olympus embodies strength and sustainability.

Delivered in January 2018, Berge Olympus primarily transports iron ore from Brazil to the Far East, completing 38 successful voyages to date. Now, with her retrofitting in October 2023, Berge Olympus makes history as the world’s most powerful sailing cargo ship.

Equipped with four retrofitted WindWings, each boasting an impressive aerodynamic span of 37.5 meters in height and 20 meters in width, Berge Olympus harnesses wind power to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. This initiative aligns with Berge Bulk’s ambitious goal to achieve carbon neutrality by 2025, leading the way to a zero-carbon future in maritime transportation.

The installation of WindWings not only enhances efficiency but also demonstrates Berge Bulk’s commitment to sustainable practices. Alongside the WindWings, Berge Olympus features a ground-breaking shaft generator system, driven by the main engine to supply electric power to the vessel. With a capacity of 1MW, this system eliminates the need for auxiliary engines at sea, further reducing fuel consumption and emissions.

Berge Olympus symbolizes Berge Bulk’s dedication to innovation and sustainability in the shipping industry. As she sails between Brazil and China, exploiting favourable wind conditions along the trade route, Berge Bulk continues to lead the charge towards a greener, more sustainable future for maritime shipping.

Photo of Berge Olympus

Press Release

Berge Olympus
Port of Registry/FlagDouglas / Isle of Man
DWT211,152 MT
Length Overall300m
No. of Hatches9
No. of Holds9
No. 124,071m3
No. 226,712m3
No. 326,717m3
No. 423,150m3
No. 523,158m3
No. 623,150m3
No. 726,717m3
No. 826,701m3
No. 925,065m3
Total Max. Load225,441MT
Main Engine TypeWärtsilä 6X72 Tier II
Max Output17,500kW @ 82.6rpm
TypeDaihatsu 8DK-20e
No. 3
Max Output970kW

Isle of Man

Dead-weight tonnage

211,152 Metric Tonnes