Berge Bulk takes an active role in managing the environmental impact of our supply chain. By working in partnership with our suppliers, we set a high bar for sustainable goods and services. There are four main ways that we are driving a more sustainable supply chain…

1. Reducing Packaging Waste

We want all of our suppliers to use environmentally friendly packaging. This includes the delivery of products using minimal packaging materials, as well as the collection and recycling of the packaging after a product has been delivered on board. A good example is Berge Bulk’s key supplier of personal protective equipment, who has agreed to eliminate the plastic packaging that usually wraps individual boiler suits – this results in a saving of more than 8,000 plastic bags per year.
Reducing packaging waste

2. Consolidating Orders

We are actively engaging our crew to streamline and consolidate their requisition for supplies. This enables the Berge Bulk procurement team to combine deliveries to vessels, ensuring more simplified logistics and transportation. This in turn results in a lower carbon footprint in the supply chain.
Consolidating orders and deliveries

3. Shortening Transportation Distances

Berge Bulk was the pioneer to test out the use of 3D printed parts. The ability to 3D print parts locally, rather than transporting them from elsewhere, also plays an important role in decarbonising our supply chain.

4. Supporting Social Enterprise

In some cases, our focus on building a sustainable supply chain means working with suppliers who have business models that are built on giving back to society and the environment.