Our Fleet

Starting out with 12 vessels in 2007, Berge Bulk has more than quadrupled the size of its original fleet. Today we  own, operate and manage over 70 safe and fuel-efficient vessels, equating to over 15 million DWT in the water.

Taking a responsible attitude to expansion, we are conscious of the balance between maximising cargo intake and reducing fuel consumption, whilst simultaneously taking extra safety precautions regarding hull strength, through specific dynamic design modifications.

Vessels (Circa 2019)YearFlagDWT (MT)Ore P.A. (MT) (estimated)
Berge Everest2011Isle of Man 388,1381,500,000
Berge Aconcagua2012Isle of Man388,1381,500,000
Berge Jaya2012Isle of Man388,0791,500,000
Berge Neblina2012Isle of Man388,0791,500,000
Berge Stahl1986Isle of Man364,7671,775,130
Berge Logan 2019Isle of Man 300,0001,500,000
Berge Mafadi 2019 Isle of Man 300,0001,500,000
Berge Blanc2012Isle of Man297,1601,580,302
Berge Vinson1990Panama290,2411,160,000
Berge Kibo1993Isle of Man289,8891,070,599
Berge Bureya1993Isle of Man289,8371,960,523
Berge Elbrus1991Panama289,2041,108,770
Berge Lhotse1995Isle of Man269,9581,000,000
Berge Fuji1996Isle of Man268,0251,000,000
Berge Hua Shan1993Isle of Man268,0081,000,000
Berge Kangchenjunga1994Isle of Man263,2371,000,000
Berge K22015Isle of Man262,0002,096,000
Berge Makalu2016Isle of Man262,0002,096,000
Berge Cho Oyu2017Isle of Man262,0002,096,000
Berge Annapurna2017Isle of Man262,0002,096,000
Berge Tai Shan2015Isle of Man216,6561,720,000
Berge Heng Shan2015Isle of Man216,4611,720,000
Berge Enterprise1997Isle of Man211,4851,825,273
Berge Zugspitze2016Isle of Man210,0001,680,000
Berge Grossglockner2017Isle of Man210,0001,680,000
Berge Toubkal2017Isle of Man210,0001,680,000
Berge Mulhacen2017Isle of Man210,0001,680,000
Berge Olympus2018Isle of Man210,0001,680,000
Berge Daisen2014Panama207,8721,616,000
Berge Lyngor2009Panama206,3301,971,609
Berge Odel2007Panama206,3301,052,108
Berge Kuju2006Isle of Man206,3121,052,000
Berge Sarstein 2017 Isle of Man 182,2001,792,547
Berge Ishizuchi2011Panama181,4581,174,112
Berge Tsurugi2010Liberia181,4031,408,000
Berge Kosciuszko2014Isle of Man181,3941,174,112
Berge Matterhorn2010Isle of Man180,3231,408,000
Berge Rosa 2006 Isle of Man 180,2301,297,600
Berge Atlas2008Panama180,1801,440,000
Berge Song Shan2010Isle of Man180,1541,440,000
Berge Mawson2015Isle of Man180,0001,440,000
Berge Cristobal2003Isle of Man177,2531,435,904
Berge Kinabalu2003Isle of Man177,1731,435,904
Berge Rinjani 2010Liberia 175,9001,425,586
Berge Nimba2010Liberia 175,9601,407, 680
Berge Triglav 2010Liberia175, 8861,425,472
Berge Townsend2012Isle of Man175,5881,720,000
Berge Arctic2001Panama174,2841,848,000
Berge Aoraki2000Isle of Man172,5021,006,192
Berge Weisshorn2004Isle of Man171,0751,368,000
Berge Apo2000Isle of Man171,0121,368,000
Berge Eiger2000Isle of Man170,7801,368,000
Berge Bandai2016Philippines39,000456,000
Berge Galdhopiggen2017Isle of Man 38,800304,000
Berge Phan Xi Pang2017 Isle of Man 38,000304,000
Berge Hallasan2016Panama37,945303,600
Berge Snowdon2015Panama37,800302,400
Berge Ben Nevis2017Panama37,800302,400
Berge Snaefell2018Isle of Man37,800302,400
Berge Jungfrau2019Marshall Islands37,683301,464
Berge Jebel Jais 2019Panama37,683301,464
Berge Taranaki2019Liberia 36,440291,520
Berge Hakodate2015Isle of Man34,000272,000
Berge Daisetsu2015Isle of Man34,000272,000
Berge Asahidake2016Isle of Man34,000272,000
Berge Annupuri2016Isle of Man34,000272,000
Berge Shari2016Isle of Man34,000272,000
Berge Rishiri2017Isle of Man 34,000272,000
TOTAL 68 ShipsTOTAL: 12,739,912TOTAL: 82,580,671
Vessels (Circa 2019)YearFlagDWT (MT)Ore P.A. (MT)

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