Berge Bulk cleans up Mangrove Swamp


Bagging 100 kilos of straws, bottle caps and used stationery

In a concerted effort to put the Blue Matters campaign into practice, Berge Bulk’s office staff participated in a mangrove coastal clean-up at Singapore’s Pasir Ris Park on 21 June 2016. Over the course of an hour, the volunteers cleared a grand total of 100 kilos of rubbish from the important mangrove swamps – most of which consisted of bits and pieces of plastic washed in from sea.

The mangrove regions serve as nurseries to a large variety of species – and they are only one important part of the greater marine ecosystem. But in order to preserve the integrity of the entire biosphere, all parts of it must be cared for with the same degree of attention. Thus, all seafarers should dispose of rubbish appropriately, so as to prevent them from accumulating and choking up important coastal habitats.

Berge Bulk stresses the importance of a ‘Blue’ mindset – if each one of us plays his or her part in keeping the oceans clean, the cumulative benefit will ensure that our oceans and coastlines remain healthy for years to come.

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