Second Handy-Size Vessel Delivered

We are pleased to announce Berge Daisetsu’s on 23 June 2015. Following the delivery of her sister ship, Berge Hakodate on 28 May 2015, Berge Daisetsu is the second in a series of six identical 34,000 DWT handy-size vessels Berge Bulk was building at the Namura Shipyard in Hokkaidō, Japan.


Berge Daisetsu

In line with Berge Bulk’s commitment towards the environment, Berge Daisetsu is equipped with the latest technology. Her main engine is equipped with energy saving and environmentally friendly technologies such as Rudder Bulb Fins, Namura Flow Control Fins, and a new generation of propeller that cancels root and hub-vortex cavitation. The main engine’s technology electronically controls fuel injection and the exhaust value drive, which auto-tunes the engine and ensures more efficient operation during slow-steaming.

Launched from the Hakodate Dock of Namura Shipyard on 27 April 2015, Berge Daisetsu was named after Daisetsuzan National Park (大雪山国立公園) in Hokkaidō, meaning “great snowy mountains”. The volcanic group forms Japan’s largest mountain terrain, ranging across 230,000 hectares and featuring the widest biodiversity within the country’s mountainous regions.

Over the last eight years, Berge Bulk has steadily built up a strong reputation in the cape-size and very large ore carrier (VLOC) sectors with an excellent and safe service delivered by a growing and energy efficient fleet.