Welcome to the Fleet – Berge Logan

Berge Logan joined the Berge Bulk fleet on 28th February 2019 at 1009 hours (local Singapore time). The 300,000 DWT bulk carrier was built at the GSI Shipyard in Guangzhou, China. Sailing under the flag of Isle of Man, she will make her maiden voyage to Brazil.

Very similar in design to Berge K2, Berge Makalu and Berge Annapurna, she is equipped with energy-efficient initiatives – such as a super-efficient tuned main engine, an economiser for the auxiliary engines and a fuel oil shifter. While the vessel has the same characteristics in terms of energy efficient initiatives, she bears certain attributes and features that are unique to her. These include a slightly larger draught and a modified layout of the hull.

The vessel is named after Mount Logan, the highest mountain in Canada and, due to active tectonic uplift, this vast mountain is still increasing in height. Before 1992, the exact elevation of Mount Logan was unknown, and measurements ranged from 5,959 metres to 6,060 metres. In May 1992, a GSC expedition climbed Mount Logan and verified the current height at 5,959 metres.