Mangrove Planting

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Berge Bulk has committed to planting at least 25 million native mangrove trees by 2026

Total number of trees planted by year-end 20229,699,978

One ecosystem that is particularly important for preserving and protecting marine biodiversity is the mangrove forest.

Mangroves a Vital Ecosystem

Mangrove forests — made up of trees growing in the tidal waters of coastal wetlands where the land and sea meet — play several critical roles in tropical and subtropical regions. These ecosystems provide coastal livelihoods, and mangrove forests absorb approximately 400% more carbon than their terrestrial counterparts — making them especially important in tackling climate change. Among the world’s most diverse and productive ecosystems, mangroves not only provide habitat for wildlife, but also prevent coastal erosion and filter land-based pollution, whilst acting as a buffer against storm surges.

Mangroves Under Threat

Globally, mangroves are under threat from factors such as coastal development, logging and agriculture. The regions that are most impacted by mangrove deforestation tend to be poverty-stricken and underdeveloped. The resulting deforestation causes flooding, erosion, and extinction of marine species that call the mangrove forest their home. It is critically important that we slow the rate of mangrove deforestation, and at the same time initiate projects to plant new mangrove forests.

In partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects and other reputable global organisations, Berge Bulk has committed to planting at least 25 million native mangrove trees by 2026. The project has already commenced, with over 9.6 million trees planted by the end of 2022.

Supporting Local Communities

Eden starts its work by hiring local people to plant trees — providing them with a fair and consistent income. As the reforestation effort continues, healthy forests begin to emerge, and Eden employs locals to guard the forest, ensuring that the reforestation is permanent.

Project Partners

Eden Reforestation Projects work in some of the world’s most remote locations to facilitate restoration and community development through nature-based solutions to climate change.

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